13 Biggest Secrets to Writing a Successful Blog

This is The 13 Biggest Secrets to Writing a Successful Blog. In this post, you’ll learn what the best bloggers in the world already know. Then, you can start doing the same thing to make your own blog more successful.

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The Biggest Secrets of Blogging Well

13-Biggest-Secrets-to-Writing-a-Successful-BlogThe secrets of professional bloggers is something that you can spend your entire life searching for and never find the answer to. It’s much easier for people to think that there’s a secret then to think it just requires effort.

This is what stops a lot of good people, with a lot of good ideas from becoming successful bloggers. If you think there’s a magic bullet to being a good writer, and having a popular blog, unfortunately I have to let you down.

It’s nothing secret or magic that makes a blog successful. It’s the fundamentals, and honestly, that should make you really excited.

This means instead of having to search the world for the one secret to being successful at this business, all you need to do is research your fundamentals, and work at them diligently.

I’ll share with you 13 of those fundamentals right now, and mastering these will help you become a better writer and a better blogger.

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Create Great Content

The very first thing that you have to do well is to write great content. There is so much on the internet right now and so much more added every single day that if you don’t write something awesome, you might as well not right at all.

This isn’t meant to discourage you if you’re not the best writer at the moment. In fact, you don’t even need to be an awesome writer to create good content. While you may not be as good in the beginning, you still have time on your side.

If you’re struggling to create something amazing, just slow down and put more time into your post. Even a beginner who invests more time in their post can compete with a writer that’s been doing it for a long time.

Just spend your time working on creating the best post you can possibly create. Over time, your skills will improve, and so will your posts. Keep on creating the best, and the people who read your posts will love to come back.

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Google Wants to Show the Best

The search engines are in the business of customer retention. This means that Google wants to give people the best answer it possibly can, because it wants that person to remain confident in Google and continue using the service.

Imagine if you were to do a few Google searches in a row and the results they came back we’re just awful. After a while, you’ll stop using them to find your answer, and you’ll start looking for somewhere else that gives you better results.

To any search engine, this is a nightmare scenario. That’s why Google and the other search engine companies work hard to make sure that the best and the most relevant answers are what come up at the top of the search.

If you want to be one of those posts, then you need to provide the best answer.

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Provide the Best Answer to Your Keyword Phrase

When you look at your keyword or your key phrase, the first thing that I recommend you do is type it into Google and review the top 10 posts. When you do, you’ll see what people are looking for, and what Google thinks is the best answer.

Use this information as a baseline, and think of a way to make your post even better. Again, Google is going to pick the best post to provide the best answer for any given search. If you can provide the best answer, the search engines will serve up your content.

It’s all about providing more detail, more relevant links, and the easiest and best way to answer or accomplish the purpose of the search. Think about the users purpose for typing in that phrase, and provide them the absolute best answer.

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Tricks Are Short Term and Never Last

Tricks, hacks, and shady techniques are all short term answers. They never last, and Google is working 24 hours a day to eliminate their effectiveness.

If your blog is based on some trick, or some popular hack, be prepared for devastation one day when the majority of your traffic disappears. This happens all the time, and it’s called a Google update.

An update is where Google modifies their search algorithm (the computer program that figures out what your post is about) to improve the results that it returns for a given search. These updates also teach the computer common hacks and tricks, and they become ineffective.

Just face it, the folks at Google are smarter than you are. Even if you’re the smartest person in the world, you’re not smarter than five of their engineers, and they are working around the clock to eliminate tricks and hacks from gaming their algorithm.

In the end, those kinds of techniques hurt their users. If I’m looking for the best sushi recipe, and someone with a cute little trick gets me to click on their content, as soon as I see that it’s not what I was looking for, I’m going to leave. For Google, that is a bad user experience.

Even though this would have to happen several times for me to notice the difference in my search results, Google doesn’t even want that to happen once. That being said, don’t build your blog on a trick or one day your traffic just may disappear.

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Fundamentals Equal Long Term Steady Growth

Instead of putting all of your trust into some program, or a bunch of tricks, invest that time in the fundamentals of blogging. You are learning several of those right now while reading this post, and they will all be time well spent.

No matter which way the wind blows when it comes to blogging, people are always going to want a good answer to their search query. So, working on the fundamental of providing a good answer in your blog post is never going to go out of fashion.

The same goes for providing good visuals, and helping people take the next step. No matter how search engines evolve, people who come to your site like to see well-made images, and they like a full and complete answer that includes the next logical step.

The beauty is that you don’t have to worry about some trick falling out of fashion, and getting penalized by a search algorithm. Your fundamentals are always going to be in demand, so while you may not gain a short term traffic boost, your likelihood of losing your traffic to an update is also very low.

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Blogging Takes Time and Consistency

One of the primary fundamentals of blogging is that it takes time and consistency. The odds of you becoming a super successful blogger in a few months is very low, so if that’s your understanding of blogging, you need to change that right now.

Blogging is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. That’s actually a really good thing if you think about it because it means you don’t have to have any incredible immediate skill. It means you just need to be consistent and regular for a longer amount of time.

When it comes to time, that really just translates into effort. Effort is something that you can manufacture, and force yourself to do. Talent is not. While you can get better at something of course, it’s very difficult just to make yourself talented.

This is the beauty and the misery of blogging. The misery is that you’re not going to see a lot of results right away, so it can seem like nothing is happening. In reality though, the search engines are weighing your content, and it just takes a while for those results to come back.

As that’s happening, you can just continue being consistent, and creating new content on a regular basis. Even though the results may not come in right away, over time, and through your effort, you can still build something incredible.

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Your Headline is More Important Than the Post

A sad truth of blogging, but a fundamental nonetheless is that your headline is more important than your post. This is an age old truth that has been around for pretty much as long as writing itself.

If people don’t like your headline, and it doesn’t intrigue them enough to read your post, they won’t. This means your headline is actually more important than your content, because the best content in the world won’t be read at all if the headline stinks.

On top of that, the internet is saturated with good headlines. There are a lot of talented writers that can craft a few words in a way that really pulls you in. So, it makes a lot of sense in the beginning to spend time practicing writing headlines.

The competition for attention is stronger than it’s ever been. You’re also up against a lot of good headline writers. It’s OK, because you’re still unique, and if you spend the time you can write some excellent clickable headlines as well.

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Make the Information Easy to Consume

Another secret that’s not quite as obvious is to make the content on your website as easy to read as possible. The easier it is to consume, and honestly the faster your reader can go through it, the longer they will stay on your post.

Thankfully, this is a pretty easy process. It’s just a matter of using a font that’s easy to read, and a size that doesn’t require glasses. Also, break up your different sections with bold headings, and don’t use more than a few hundred words without a new heading.

In addition, things like bold text, bullet point list, and large quotes can help break up a post and make it more fun to consume. Nobody likes large blocks of text with nothing going on other than a lot of reading.

Even though people showed up on your website because they want to read something, the sad truth is that they really don’t want to read anything. They want to read the bare minimum in order to get the answer that they came for.

One way that you make your content favorable for your readers, which will in turn make you favorable in the search engines is to make it really easy for your readers to find the answer.

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Use the Best Images

Human beings are visual creatures. You love to look at pictures, read info-graphics, and learn with your eyes instead of actually reading. This is true of pretty much everyone, and you can use it to your advantage.

Posts that have good images and visual aids will hold readers longer than posts that are only text. Even if the text is better than the text with images, the text with images is going to get all of the traffic.

The search engines know how much time someone spends on a particular site, and a good visual can keep them on there for longer than without. So, it makes sense that you include good pictures in all of your posts.

Also, don’t waste your time on stock images. You have a phone in your pocket, walk out the door and take some pictures if you don’t have any pictures to use. If you don’t have a model, take pictures of yourself doing different things.

It’s much better to use pictures that you own and that you produced yourself. This way, you’ll always own the content, and you won’t be using images that are on 5000 other websites.

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Link Within Your Site to Similar Content

People like to take the next step after they get their first answer from your post. It’s rare that people have one question when they hop online, so if you can answer their first question, and then link them to the answer to their second, you’re in good shape to help them out a lot.

For example, if you wrote a post about the best rustic coffee tables that are really popular right now, you could link to another post about the best rustic end tables. These naturally go together, and once someone picks out a coffee table, they might be looking for end tables too.

If you only did the first post, you would lose the traffic for the next logical step. Instead, find that next logical step and link to it within your content. If you don’t have the next logical step, then that’s your next writing opportunity.

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Link Externally For More Resources

Another thing that you can do if you don’t have the answer yourself is to still help your reader find the right answer by linking to an external source.

While this is not as good for your own traffic, it can help boost confidence in your readers by showing them that you care about giving them the best answer. Also, it will give you time to write your own post on the same subject, and replace that link with yours.

Another time to use external links is when you don’t have access to the resource yourself. An example of this would be an online calculator or program of some type.

While you may not be the creator of that program, you can still tell your readers all about the benefits and then link out to that resource.

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Show them the Next Step

Everyone that comes to your site is going to go somewhere else afterwards. It’s beneficial if you show them where the next step is, and they can click through from your site.

Again, even if the best resource is someplace else, keeping them on their journey and helping them find the answers will always be beneficial to you.

Also, if you include the next step in the end of your blog post, you might convert a lot of readers into buyers once you help them make the right decision.

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Spend Time Building Your Blog

Finally, the absolute best tip that I can provide you is to spend time building your blog. Above all things, if you take action, and spend time building up your website, you will get better results than if you don’t.

The wonderful thing about a blog is that it’s directly tied to your efforts. You can be disciplined, and make yourself put in the effort, and over time you will have a blog that builds up to a large size, full of amazing content.

Effort is the key. Spend as much time as you can writing and working on your blog, and in a year you’ll be able to look back and see something that you may not have ever thought you could create.

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Your Blogging Assignment

Now you know that the secret of blogging is really the fundamentals. Its to provide the best answer, and make it easy for the reader to consume.

No matter what you do, this will always be in fashion, and you can count on a steady stream of readers to continue visiting your blog.

Your assignment is to get to know these different blogging fundamentals very well, and start implementing them on your site. It does nothing for you to just read them and take no action. You need to take action, and make them a part of your blogging routine.

Once you have the fundamentals down really well, you’ll never have to worry about an algorithm update taking away all of your traffic.

Good content, that’s well written and helpful is always favorable to the search engines. Don’t waste your time on tricks.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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