About Me

round brian forbesI’m Brian, and I have been an online entrepreneur since 2013 when I made my first $8.03 commission on the sale of a self published paperback book.

Since then, blogging has turned my passion into a business that pays my mortgage, and most of my monthly expenses.

It’s changed my life, and I want to show you my system for blogging while working full time and raising a family.

Yes, you read that right. I have a full time job, a family of four with two toddlers, and I operate two blogs.

The Big Bloggers and Making Money

I feel like the internet is loaded with people that make lots of money blogging, and I think when you see someone making $100,000 each month, it can be kind of intimidating.

After all, that’s a really nice income, and it would be fun to make that kind of money, but the average person doesn’t need that much to change their life.

In reality, the average person only needs a thousand or two a month of extra money to make a substantial difference in their living style.

The average mortgage payment in America is $1030 a month according to the US Census. That means you could pay for your house, a car, and several monthly bills with just a couple thousand dollars.

Imagine if your biggest living expenses were gone. How much better and easier would your life be?

The Difference Blogging Has Made for Me

My blog based business has allowed me to elevate the lives of my family and myself. I do it all on the side, while working a full time job, raising a family, and without paying for ads, leads, or traffic.

My total blogging expenses are about $30 a month, but you can start your blog for way less.

It’s been a few years of work, but I have a nice website in the woodworking niche, and it’s generating a consistent income that’s about the same as a second job.

I want to help you start your own blog, because I have seen what kind of difference a couple thousand dollars a month can make.

I’m living proof that anyone can do it, and you don’t have to be a genius or super gifted on the computer to make it happen.

I’m neither, but I do have something that not a lot of others have. Persistence.

There are no real tricks to blogging. It’s just basics with a lot of persistence. Turning a blog into a business takes time. That’s the real hurtle.

Thankfully, you have me to teach you.

The Let’s Make a Blog Solution

What’s in it for you? Working a full time job and raising a family takes a lot of my time, but it’s also forced me to find strategies that let me write for two blogs without taking time away from anything else.

I only spend a few hours a week writing on average, and it’s because of the system I have developed that I am able to produce so much content in such a short amount of time.

I know there is a ton of information online about blogging. At times, it can be very confusing, and that makes it difficult to start.

Since I have the experience of building my own online business, and going through many of the mistakes, technical difficulties, and other road blocks, I want to share my methods with you without the overload.

If you want to learn a method that has worked for me, and continues to work for me, start reading my posts. I’ll be covering lots of time saving topics like learning tips, the best hosting, ways to be more productive, and ways to make it easier to write.

Getting Started Making a Blog

I recommend that you get started by reading several of the posts on the site. One of the best ways to get a jump start on the information is to get as much academic learning out of the way as you can.

You can read on your breaks, read instead of watching tv, and read when you are in between tasks. As you do, you will begin to develop a sense of what a good blog business looks like.

It’s not difficult on the face. It’s just writing about stuff. There is a bit more in the details of course, so spend time reading my posts and learn everything you can.

When you are ready to get started, you can always contact me if you have any questions, and I’ll be glad to help.

Happy Writing.