Blogging Assignment No. 14 | Start a Book List

This is Blogging Assignment No. 14 | Start a Book List. In this assignment, you will write down the books you need to read to accomplish your blogging goals, and then be able to check them off as you read them.

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Starting a Book List

Blogging-Assignment-No.-14-Start-a-Book-ListReading is one of the most important things that you can do as a writer. There are a million reasons why, and any good writer that you ask will tell you that they are also a frequent reader.

The answers to just about any problem that you could be facing can be found in a book, and all you need to do is pay the cover price and read it. With such a low burden to finding the right information, you should be reading books all the time.

In this assignment, you will create a reading list of the books that are the most important to your educational needs at this very moment.

This list will be uniquely yours, and help you solve your immediate problems with the information they contain.

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Why Reading Books is Important

Reading is important for a lot of reasons, but in this respect the number one reason that it’s important is because it’s an easy way to gain a large amount of knowledge.

People that write books have already gone through all the trials, errors, and mistakes that take time to learn and experience. Instead of going through all of these trials yourself, you can just read their book and step to the head of the line.

Just like that, you can take years of experience and compress it into a couple weeks of reading a book and applying its insights. When you do this repeatedly, you make a huge difference in yourself and your abilities in a small amount of time.

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How to Choose the Best Books

It’s important to choose the right books to read based on your immediate needs, and not just the need to read a book. It is amazing the difference that a book can make in your life when you are ready for the contents.

Basically this means if you are really struggling with your marketing, then a book on marketing is going to be extraordinarily helpful, and practical. You’ll even end up recommending this book to tons of other people because it’s been so helpful to you.

In reality, if you read the same book when you were doing OK with marketing but maybe struggling with something else, it wouldn’t nearly have the same impact. Even though the material is the same, you weren’t ready for it, so it didn’t hit as hard.

The right book is always the book that you need. When it comes time to choosing books, choose books that solve your immediate problems, and that help you with the new topics and ideas that you’re struggling with.

When you select your reading material this way, every book is like seeing fire for the first time. Each one of them will completely rock your world, and you’ll jump much farther ahead for having read it.

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Write Down Potential Books so You Don’t Forget

The best way to do this in your notebook is to write down a potential book list, and add to it as you encounter new books to read. If you’re spending time reading, and listening to podcasts, odds are you’re exposed to different book titles rather frequently.

I promise you right now if you don’t write down these book titles, you are going to forget them. Instead of losing all of this great information, start a book list in your blogging notebook, and add to it frequently.

Also, after you have the title, it’s a good idea to put in parentheses where you heard about it, and what topic the book covers. This way, even if you end up going back to one of these topics a year later, you’ll know why you wrote it down.

On top of that, the more you write down and get out of your head, the more you free up your brain to create and explore. Don’t rely on yourself to remember why you wrote down a book title. Complete the thought in your notebook, and you’ll never have to think about it again.

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Making a Daily Reading Plan

Once you have a list of the books that will be the most helpful for you in the immediate future, you need to make a plan to read them all.

An important thing to mention here is that the goal of reading a book is to get the most out of the material. It’s not to finish the book. Reading books isn’t a race, it’s a lifelong activity that never has an end.

By definition, if there is no end, there is no winner. If there is no winner, there is no race. Do not read these books like you’re trying to win a speed reading contest. If anything, you should read them much slower than you’ve ever read anything before in your life.

Every time you spend money on a book, it should make a difference in your ability. When you just blast through a book to be able to say that you read it, you might as well just lie about having read it and throw the money in the garbage.

Besides, if you don’t remember the message from the book, and you already spent the money, you basically did the same thing.

The practical knowledge and insights that are held in a book can only be useful if you actually get the knowledge. Reading it for simply the sake of reading it means nothing.

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Blogging Notebook Assignment Wrap-Up

Hopefully you are super excited about developing a lifelong reading habit that will make you a far better blogger, and a far better person. This list is going to become an old friend that always rewards you with more insight and knowledge.

Every single time you hear about a book that sounds interesting to you, or that someone you admire says was valuable to them, and their journey, write that book title in your notebook. Also, write a few details about the book so you won’t have to remember later.

Once you’ve developed a nice list, select your first book to read based on your most immediate need. This way, the book will serve you on so many different levels, and make such a big impact that you’ll be excited every single time you pick it up.

Continue adding to your list, and reading daily to make yourself better. As you go through books that solve your immediate needs, you will absolutely love the way it makes you feel, and how quickly you can improve yourself.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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