Blogging Assignment No. 15 | 10 Pillar Post Ideas

This is Blogging Notebook Assignment No. 15 | Ten Pillar Post Ideas. In this assignment, you will research the ten pillar posts that are expected in your niche, and then make a plan to address each one of them on your blog.

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Ten Pillar Post Ideas

Blogging-Assignment-No.-15-10-Pillar-Post-IdeasPillar posts are the posts that cover the really big ideas that are important to your niche. These are the topics that are expected when readers come to your website, and they are the huge topics that get the most attention.

Even as a beginning blogger, while you may not have the experience or the swing to get those posts on page one of Google just yet, the readers that do come into your site from other avenues will naturally gravitate toward these big ideas.

When that happens, you need to have something for them. That’s the focus on this blogging notebook assignment, and by the time you’re done you’ll have 10 topics selected for pillar content that you can add to your site.

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How to Find the Important Posts

There are a lot of different ways to find the important ideas that you can turn into large pieces of pillar content for your blog. However, the easiest is just to think about what you believe are the biggest ideas.

If you’ve been in your space for a while, you probably already know a handful of the big topics. Write things down immediately, because these are important to you, and they are more than likely important to other people that are interested in the same topic as well.

After that, it’s time to do some market research and take a look at what other people in your space are writing about. Go to the major players, and browse through their articles for the ones that stand out.

Also, browse through and look for commonalities. If all the big players are writing about a similar topic, odds are that it’s a high demand topic that could be served on your site as well.

Even if you go over 10, continue writing these down in your blogging notebook. As time goes on, it’ll give you the ability to choose what you want to write about. You’ll also be able to dwindle that list down to the 10 most effective posts to begin writing immediately.

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Why these Posts are Important to Have

When your readers come to your website, they expect it to look a certain way. They also expect it to have a certain amount of content that makes sense to them.

If a reader lands on your website and then goes looking for what they expect to be there, they need to find it, otherwise they will be disappointed, and they will leave. That’s the last thing you want, all for lacking an article or two.

Also, it’s important to have gone through these topics and address them yourself, because it will help you with your own academic learning. Even if you have a good grasp on a topic, it will improve when you teach that topic to others.

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Creating a Plan to Write

After you’ve identified your 10 pillar pieces of content that are absolutely important to have on your website, you need to create a plan to get all of them written.

Most pieces of pillar content are also longer form pieces of content. This means they’re going to take a little longer to plan, organize, and write. That’s OK though, anything worth doing is also worth doing well.

This also means these posts are going to be more of a marathon exercise and then a sprint exercise. While you can make a good plan to knock them out, understand that it’s going to take a while, and don’t let that upset you.

It’s better to take 10 months and knock out one of these posts to the absolute best of your ability every single month. These are going to be some of your highest traffic posts, so a lot of people are going to see them.

Make sure when someone lands on one of these posts, that they are very happy they did, and that will help convert some of your beginning viewers into solid readers.

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Blogging Notebook Assignment Wrap-Up

The pillar content that’s on your site are the most important pieces of content that you have. It’s the posts that your audience expects to read when they arrive on your blog, and this is where you have a huge opportunity to wow your audience.

Spend time researching other experts in your space, and pull ideas for this type of content into your blogging notebook. Write down a nice list of pillar content ideas, and then dwindle it down to the 10 that are most important.

After you have your 10, develop a plan to start writing them. Start with the ones that excite you the most, write a good outline, and then dictate each one of them in sequence. Between writing an outline and dictation, you’ll be in the express lane for getting these done.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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