Blogging Notebook Assignments

Here are all of the assignments for your Blogging Notebook. These are all designed to help you improve your blogging, and a new assignments comes out a couple times a month. These will make you a better blogger, so get your blogging notebook here and start writing!

Blogging Notebook Assignments

Each of these assignments is designed to help you practice some of the most important aspects of blogging. These are the fundamentals that form the foundation of your process, and they are all very important.

You can start from the beginning, or you can jump around to the ideas that you need to develop the most. As you practice these in your blogging notebook, you will develop the skills you need to become a better writer and a better blogger.

So, let’s get started with your first assignment…

Blogging Assignment No. 1 | Writing Down Your Ideas

Blogging-Assignment-No.-1-Writing-Down-Your-IdeasFor Blogging Assignment No. 1, you will write down at least one idea for your blog and business each day, for 30 days. This is meant to develop your idea muscle, and help you see why it’s important to write things down.

In the end, you will have 30 ideas for your blog, and you can put them into action to move forward. You will also develop a new habit, and this will make a huge difference in your blogging.

Blogging Assignment No. 2 | How to Write Outstanding Headlines

Blogging-Assignment-No.-2-How-to-Write-Outstanding-HeadlinesIn Blogging Assignment No. 2, you will brainstorm 30 keywords phrases, and then write 30 headlines for each of those phrases. This is important, because your headline is the most important sentence you will write on any blog post.

You’ll learn some good ideas for writing headlines, and then practice the craft for 30 keywords. In the end, you will be much better at crafting headlines that beg people to click on them.

Blogging Assignment No. 3 | 30 Topic Ideas to Write About

Blogging-Assignment-No.-3--30-Topics-to-Write-AboutIn Blogging Assignment No. 3 you will learn how to find topics to write about on your blog. I’ll reveal several great ways to figure out the best and most popular topics, and explain how to make each of them work for you.

Once you start seeing the topics and ideas, your assignment is to write down at least 30 of them in your blogging notebook. It’s likely that you will write down far more than 30, and over time this list will become a very valuable part of your notebook.

Each of these topic finding methods is different, and they will ensure that you never run out of things to talk about on your blog.

Blogging Assignment No. 4 | Writing Blog Post Outlines

Blogging-Assignment-No.-4--Writing-Blog-Post-OutlinesIn Blogging Assignment No. 4 you will learn one of my top secrets to producing a ton of content in a very small amount of time. In order to write as freely as possible, you need to have an outline to get you away from the thinking part of blogging.

Once you have an outline in place for your post, all of the thinking and organizational work is done, and you are free to write. In this post, you’ll learn my outlining method, which is super easy and fast, as well as practice writing ten outlines for posts.

By the time you are done, you will have a reliable process that you can use to turn your ideas into full blog posts faster and easier than ever before.

Blogging Assignment No. 5 | Writing Meta Descriptions

Blogging-Assignment-No.-5--Writing-Meta-DescriptionsIn Blogging Assignment No. 5 you will learn how to write great meta descriptions that just beg your readers to click on them. Next to the title, the meta description is the second highest driving force to get that reader to click over from the search engines and read your post.

If you have a good title, and you actually get them to read the meta description, it can be the difference between getting the click, and the reader going elsewhere for the information.

Good metas can make a difference in your click through rate, and that can mean more traffic for your blog. In this exercise, you will learn and practice writing excellent meta descriptions.

Blogging Assignment No. 6 |Goal Setting for Bloggers

Blogging-Assignment-No.-6-Goal-Setting-for-BloggersIn Blogging Assignment No. 6 you will learn how to add goal setting to your blogging practices, and how it can make the difference between you getting somewhere and going nowhere.

Goals are a common thread among the most successful people. However, most people don’t know the difference between a goal and a wish. Once you do, you will be able to set actual goals, because wishes may sound similar, but they are rarely accomplished.

In this assignment, you will write out short, medium, and long term goals. You will also identify your big huge goal, which is the driving force behind why you are creating a blog in the first place.

Blogging Assignment No. 7 | Making Lists

Blogging-Assignment-No.-7-Making-ListsIn Blogging Assignment No. 7 you will learn how making lists effectively can be the difference between getting a ton of good ideas for your blog and only getting a few. The art of making lists has been a success driver for me, and it might do the same for you.

List making is a skill that once developed can be a gigantic fountain of ideas. You can also pull from your lists and then create additional lists that are more focused. These lists can turn into anything from posts to books.

You will learn the massive idea dump, how to make mini sections, and how to extract information into secondary lists. From there, you will always have somewhere to add your ideas, and you will be prepared to make better connections and form better ideas.

Blogging Assignment No. 8 | Learning From Mentors

Blogging-Assignment-No.-8-Learning-From-MentorsIn Blogging Assignment No. 8 you will learn how to find a good mentor and start extracting helpful ideas and knowledge from them. A good mentor is the express lane for your personal development, and you don’t even need to know them personally.

You read that right. You don’t even need to know the mentor personally for them to be a mentor of yours. You can get all the benefit of the relationship, including lots of time saving tips, tricks, and ideas for your blog, and not even need to know them.

In this assignment, you will identify and follow a mentor. Then, you will keep track of what you learn from them. It’s an eye opening experience, and you’ll definitely want to repeat this one.

Blogging Assignment No. 9 | Learn Something New Every Day

Blogging-Assignment-No.-9-Learn-Something-New-Every-DayIn Blogging Assignment No 9 you will become one of the small handful of people in the world who can actually say that they know the benefit of learning something new every day. We all know the expression, but most of us have never done it.

Imagine the benefit you will get once you dedicate yourself to really learning something new every day of the week for a month. Most people don’t learn 30 new things in a year, and you will do it in a month.

Not only will you learn 30 new things, you will keep track of what you learned in your blogging notebook, and you will be able to look back and see just how much smarter you are.

Blogging Assignment No. 10 | Your First Book

Blogging-Assignment-No.-10-Your-First-BookIn Blogging Assignment No. 10 you will start preparing lists of possible book topics. Every blogger should have a book. It’s a logical extension of what you already do, and it instantly positions you as an expert in your field.

In order to write a book, you need to come with a lot of book ideas. This way, you can go through them and pick out the best topics for your book.

If you follow this assignment, you will immediately start creating a book worthy list that you can pull from. This is the start of your first book, and you should be really excited.

Blogging Assignment No. 11 | Coming Soon…