I hope you have all of the success in the world, and I hope that it’s me who helps you get there. That being said, not all of you are going to have the same experience as me. Some of you will do well, but most of you will fail.


I work harder than you.

I know that if you don’t have a huge information advantage that you need to double down on what you actually can control. For me, that’s work ethic and discipline.

I don’t give up, and I keep on going no matter how I feel about it. That’s my secret, and that’s unfortunately what will separate most of you from making it. Not intelligence, not resources, not ability…but discipline.

There is nothing about making money online that is inherently difficult or that requires super intelligence to accomplish. The real test is of your patience and discipline.

That being said, everything on this site is designed to help motivate, inspire, and teach you to make a blog that helps others, and also brings in an additional income.

All claims are motivational in nature, and it’s my sincere hope that you persist enough through all of the trials and setbacks to see it through to the end. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be successful, only you can control that.

Sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes it can take a lifetime. I don’t mean to scare you away from blogging, but if you aren’t willing to do the daily work, and persist for what could be quite a while, then this is likely not for you.

It’s not a fast thing, it’s more like a marathon.

Finally, any money you spend, risks you take, or ideas you try are completely and totally up to you. I am not responsible for your business decisions. I am not entitled to any of your successes nor accountable for any of your failures.

This blogging adventure is all your choice, and you don’t have to follow any of my advice. Everything I present is for informational, motivational, and entertainment purposes only. I am not an attorney, I have no licenses, and I don’t hold any advanced degrees in business.

I’m just a guy who has been disciplined enough to provide a better life for his family through blogging as part of an online business.

I’ll do all I can to help you with the information I provide on Let’s Make a Blog, but your destiny is entirely up to you and you alone.

Happy writing.