How the Scientific Definition of Work Can Help You Become a Better Blogger

This is How the Scientific Definition of Work Can Help You Become a Better Blogger, and why sometimes even when you are super busy you aren’t really working. After reading this, you will really understand what it takes to move the needle each and every day.

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The Scientific Definition of Work

How-the-Scientific-Definition-of-Work-Can-Help-You-Become-a-Better-BloggerThe scientific definition of work is using a force to move an object a certain distance. In order for work to be performed, there needs to be force, and there needs to be movement.

If there is no force, there is no work. Also, if there is no movement, there is no work.

Think about pushing against a brick wall. Even if you were to push as hard as you can, for as long as you can, the brick wall will not have moved. Though you may be on the floor in an exhausted heap, you have technically performed no work.

This is how your blog can be sometimes. You get to doing a lot of things, and you exhaust yourself, but the needle doesn’t move. That’s because while you were really busy, you weren’t busy on the right things, so there was no movement, no work.

Here is how you focus on the right stuff, and make sure that you see movement every single day. This is one of the keys to being successful and maximizing your efforts.

Remember. Effort without movement is not work. Unless something changes, you have not accomplished anything.

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The Traps of Busy Work

Sometimes it’s really easy to find yourself doing a lot of work but not doing any work that’s really important. It still feels like you’re busy, so in your mind you feel like you’re doing a lot. In reality, you might as well not be doing anything.

Busy work, or work that’s not important is the small stuff that you do instead of doing the important stuff that you really know you should do. It also might be stuff that you’re good at, and it’s easy to fall back into that instead of the thing you’re afraid of starting.

Anything that doesn’t move the needle forward, and doesn’t contribute in a productive way to moving the needle forward is not work. It’s just busywork, and it makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something when you’re really not.

A perfect example would be to work on your website design when you have no traffic. When you have no traffic, the only thing you should be working on is getting more traffic. Your site design doesn’t matter when nobody’s looking at it.

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Decide What’s Important

The best way to avoid doing busy work and start doing work that actually causes movement is to decide what’s important. It’s also important that you agree with yourself that you’re actually going to choose the most important things.

Again, it’s easy to allow yourself to choose other things in order to hide from the things that you know are the most important. Be honest with yourself, and choose the right tasks and goals at the beginning, and don’t sell yourself a story.

When you pick the things that will move your blog forward, and you do them, that’s when you start performing actual work. The first step is in the decision making process, and then you have to stick with those decisions.

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Avoid Shiny Objects

Something that can help you with movement is to avoid shiny objects. A shiny object is something that catches your eye and removes your attention from your main focus.

This can also be called squirrel syndrome, where you jump from fun idea to fun idea but never get anything done. While it’s a lot of fun to delve into something new, it also takes away from your main goal in both time and quality.

A good example would be starting a book when you know you haven’t created much content for your site. While a book is awesome, and you might be really excited to write it, you know the content is more important.

This is a case where a shiny object, even though objectively it’s a good thing to have, it’s just not a good thing to have right now. It doesn’t mean it needs to be a no forever, it’s just a no for right now.

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Set Aside Time for Side Pursuits

If you absolutely must work on something, and something that’s different from your main goals, you need to set aside time to do that. Also, you need to set aside time that would not have already been spent working on your blog.

Yes, you read that right. If you don’t want a side pursuit to wreck your main goals, and thwart your movement, then you need to schedule it almost like you would schedule a recreational activity.

That side pursuit is no different than watching a television show. It’s a distraction, so treat it like a distraction. If you give up half of your blogging time for a side project, you are falling for a shiny object and allowing the distraction to take from your blogging time.

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Make Something Move Every Day

A way to make sure that you perform work every day is to make something move every day. This can be measured in a number of different ways, but one of the easiest ways to know you’ve done something good is to see progress and change.

Especially as a beginner, your number one focus should be traffic. In order for people to see your amazing website, click on your amazing calls to action, and benefit from the products and services you recommend, you need to actually have people on your site.

Don’t waste any time doing other activities that don’t contribute to bringing more visitors to your website. Right now, this is your definition of work, and it’s the only productive work that you should be engaged in.

If you’re at a different place in your blogging, then make that your definition of work, and do absolutely everything to make it move forward. As you knock out each one of these different goals, you’ll see a big difference in your blog and business.

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Your Blogging Assignment

Now that you know that work requires movement, not just effort, it’s time for you to create a plan that will help you ensure you move forward with each and every post.

The first thing you need to do is decide on what’s important. Be incredibly honest with yourself, and write down the most important things that you know you actually need to accomplish right now. These are your big goals.

From there, come up with a plan to accomplish them. Don’t let shiny objects and fun side projects derail your efforts. Treat everything else like watching an old television rerun, and toss it all aside.

Spend time on the things that matter most, and the things that have the most impact on your blog. Over time, you’ll see a significant difference by focusing on the right stuff, and you’ll finally understand the value of performing real work.

Remember, unless something moves, all of the effort in the world is not equivalent to doing real work. Make sure you are working in everything you do.

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