How to Write Compelling Blog Post Introductions

This is How to Write Compelling Blog Post Introductions. In this post, you’ll learn how to write an introduction that makes a promise, and hooks the reader right from the start.

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How to Write Blog Post Intros

How-to-Write-Compelling-Blog-Post-IntroductionsSee what I did in that intro? I told you exactly what you would learn by sticking around and reading my post, and look at you go! You’re reading past the introduction, which is a compliment to how effective that intro was.

You’re here because you want to learn to write better introductions for your blog posts, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. The process is super easy, and the format is really short.

It’s also simple to pick up, and your dwell time can improve a lot with a good intro. So, let’s get into the good stuff and start writing awesome introductions.

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Make a Promise to the Reader

You do not have a lot of time in your introduction to get someone to want to read the rest of your post. In fact, you only have a couple seconds.

The best way to hook your reader is to not be shy about what they are going to gain by reading your post. This means you need to make a promise right away, and tell them exactly why they will be better off sticking around.

Now, it doesn’t have to start with words I promise. It just has to have a statement saying what they will learn, what they will gain, or how they will be better by reading the rest of your content.

If you do this well, you’ll hook the reader into digging further into your article, where you will finally have a chance to make good on that promise.

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Keep it Short and Sweet

Beyond making a promise, you need to keep it short and sweet. If you read my intro again, you’ll see that it was just a couple quick sentences. However, in those sentences, you know exactly what you’re getting by reading the post.

Long-winded introductions are almost never read by anyone. People are just really impatient, and they definitely don’t enjoy reading. If they don’t find out in the first couple sentences whether or not your post will be helpful, they will leave.

The best place for a longer introduction is after your initial tease. The very top of the post is your two sentence promise, and after that you can do a normal introduction if you’d like. This is how I open just about every post.

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Preview the Win for the Reader

One of the best ways to think about how to write your introduction is to figure out how to preview the win for your reader. After all, the person reading your blog post is here because they need something.

The reader is looking for a win. Also, they want you to give it to them. Whatever your article is about, they are looking to get some sort of a victory from reading the content and applying it elsewhere in their life.

This could range dramatically, and be anything from learning how to change their own tire to needing understand how bees pollinate flowers. It doesn’t matter what the win is, it just matters that you show them they can get it from your post.

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Deliver the Goods in the Post

After your introduction, where you make a short, sweet promise, you actually need to deliver what you promised in the post. This is what will really help your business the most, and it’s the most important part of this process.

If you make a promise in your introduction about helping people lose weight, and then your post is about something completely different, or it doesn’t help them lose weight, that initial traffic is going to disappear.

After a while, the search engines will figure out that even though people are sticking around for a little while, they are leaving and looking for a better answer, because you didn’t provide what you said you would.

When you make a promise in your introduction, you definitely need to deliver the goods inside of the article in order to retain those readers.

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Conclude With a Summary

After the middle of your post where you deliver your promise, you need to wrap everything up with a really nice conclusion.

The best way to do a conclusion is to just summarize what you already told them in a quick manner, and basically remind them of what they just read. Again, people don’t really like reading so odds are they just skimmed your content.

Your conclusion gives you one last chance to wrap it all together in a few sentences that summarizes your post. You can also use a call action at that point to get your readers to take the next step, or to do something else to better themselves.

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Your Blogging Assignment

Now that you know how to write an awesome blog post introduction, it’s time to start putting this information to work on your blog. Take a look at your posts, and read through the introductions to see if they need to be improved.

Focus on telling your reader exactly how they will benefit by reading your post, and do it in just one or two sentences. Maybe three sentences at the absolute most.

Don’t worry if it sounds a little quick. The point is to tell them exactly how they will benefit in the shortest way possible.

After you make that promise and get the reader to continue reading your post, make sure you deliver that promise. Wrap everything up with a conclusion in the end that summarizes what you’ve taught them, and you’ll have completed your promise.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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