My Books

If you like my posts, and you want to learn more, I have several books on Amazon that can help you become a better blogger.

Writing for Busy Bloggers

Writing-for-Busy-Bloggers-Book-WebBook 1 of the Busy Blogger Series is called Writing for Busy Bloggers, and you will learn how to format your blog posts so they are as easy to read as possible.

This will help your readers find what they are looking for, and enjoy reading your awesome content.

There is a reason why the bog websites format their posts a certain way, and everything from the layout, to the colors and the typeface are all intentional elements based on helping the reader consume the material easier.

You can do the same thing, and it will help you create content that is fun to read, easy to understand, and gives the reader exactly what they came to your site looking for.

Blogging Notebook Series

Blogging-Notebook-WebSo far, I have released my Blogging Notebook Series, which comes in your choice of four colors, and you can fill it following the Blogging Notebook Assignments that come out on the site.

Each exercise will help you learn and practice an important aspect of blogging.

As you complete the different exercise posted on your skills will improve, and you’ll have a notebook full of ideas that will be really valuable to you.

The Blogging Notebook is available in Teal, Onyx, Wine, and Bone depending on your color preference.