The Only Thing All Successful People Have in Common

This is The Only Thing All Successful People Have in Common. In this post, you’ll learn why so many of the things you think you need to be successful are wrong, and the one thing you should be focusing on instead.

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All Success Stories Have One Constant Element

The-Only-Thing-All-Successful-People-Have-in-CommonEvery successful person in the world has one thing in common. It’s this one thing that allowed them to be successful, no matter their situation when they started.

This is true across every demographic, every situation, and it literally does not matter what example you cite, they will have this one trait every single time.

If you want to be among the most successful people in the world, you absolutely have to do this one thing in order to make it. Without it, you have no chance.

You’re probably running a lot of ideas through your head right now. I’m going to tell you what this one thing is, but first I’m going to tell you what it’s not, and clear up a lot of myths in the process.

It’s Not a Good Idea

You absolutely positively do not have to have a good idea to be successful. So many people waste their entire life whining that they don’t have a million dollar idea, which is why they don’t spend any time on themselves or their business.

While a good idea is nice, there are plenty of examples of people who completely failed at their good idea, but ended up successful with something else. This is the case with everything that is ever been invented on accident.

Car tires, the pacemaker, penicillin, and the microwave were all invented by accident. They all lead to success, but it was not the big idea that the inventor was hoping for.

All of these items were hugely popular, and remain popular to this day, but if you were to judge their creators on their ideas, they would all be complete failures.

It’s Not Money

There are also plenty examples of people without any money that have created multi-million dollar businesses. The myth that it takes money in order to make money should never ever hold you back, because it’s simply not true.

If you have something awesome, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Having money does make certain aspects of business easier of course, but successful people always find a way to break out.

If you think it’s a lack of money that’s preventing your success, it’s not. It’s more likely just a lack of motivation, and finding an excuse that you can blame in order to make yourself feel better.

It’s Not Fame

You also don’t need to be well known in order to be successful. If you just take a look around your house, you probably don’t know who is responsible for the overwhelming majority of stuff that surrounds you.

You probably have no idea where most of it comes from, no idea what the supply chain looks like, and no idea who’s making all the money. It’s just a bunch of stuff, and the people that are making money behind the scenes are definitely not famous, though they are successful.

If you had an opportunity to be a famous actor or actress in a big city, or just being able to own and operate a few parking garages in a big city, you should pick the parking garages every single time.

While fame comes and goes, everybody needs to park. This is another example of hidden success that has nothing to do with fame. That parking garage owner is really happy with her $25 a day for a couple thousand cars, and she doesn’t care if you know who she is or not.

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It’s Not Talent

It definitely doesn’t take any talent to be successful either. There are tons of examples of people who can’t sing and can’t dance but yet somehow become successful at singing and dancing.

Look at William Hung if you need an example. By all objective measurements he is an awful singer, however he has a successful music career. It defies logic, yet it’s the truth.

You don’t need to have any special talent in order to be successful. So it’s definitely not talent that unites all successful people.

Its Not Experience

Nearly every entrepreneur that you can point to who has any measure of success started out without any experience at all. No matter how good you might be, you can always rewind time to a point where you knew nothing.

This is the same for every successful person you’ve ever met. There was once a time when they did not have all of that amazing experience, and they had to make decisions anyway.

In a lot of ways, they were just like you are now. New, excited, and willing to take a chance on something that they have no experience with. This makes you similar to a lot of successful people, but it’s still not the one major factor that made them successful.

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It’s Not Knowledge

There are also many examples of highly successful people that had little or no formal education. Even though education is important, and can make a difference in your life, it also won’t hold you back unless you let it.

Many times people who lack formal education don’t lack intelligence, they just don’t get along with formal education. It doesn’t mean you can learn, it just means you would rather learn what you want or need to learn rather than some arbitrary curriculum.

This is definitely not a call for you to drop out of school, but a call for you to pay attention to learning the things that are the most important as well. Even so, knowledge alone will not make you successful.

It’s Not Time

Time, or age is definitely not a limiting factor on success. While you might have more time if you start when you’re younger, having all of that time doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll be successful.

There are plenty of people who spend their whole lives just existing, and they never achieve success. There are also examples of people to start late in life and become extraordinarily successful even with a small amount of time.

Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken is a perfect example, and he didn’t achieve success until after he was a senior citizen. Even with a small amount of time, success can still press through. That’s because it’s not about time after all.

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It’s Not Intelligence

The amount of intelligence that you have, meaning how smart you are compared to others is also not an indicator of success. There are plenty of smart people that are still missing the one ingredient that could make them successful.

There are also plenty of idiots out there that have achieved success. Not to be derogatory, but there are some people in this world who are blessed with more intelligence than others, and some that only get so much.

It’s nobody’s fault except that of genetics, but the truly successful people in this world don’t let their genes hold them back.

It’s Not Connections

Another common myth is that you need to know somebody successful in order to become successful. It’s easy to blame not being connected for your failures. It’s also easy to blame a big system already in place that monopolizes all the money and customers.

However, if you just take one look at any of the large disruptive businesses that are around you, you’ll see that being connected is actually not a necessary element for success.

Look at Airbnb, or the Uber and Lyft taxi systems. These are completely disruptive to the big industries that you would think you would need to have connections with in order to succeed in that arena.

Instead of latching on, these businesses go in the entire opposite direction. Both Airbnb and these alternative taxi systems are the largest businesses in their category, and they are not part of the main stream system.

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What is the One Commonality of Successful People?

Well, I think I’ve teased you long enough with all of the seemingly important ingredients to success that aren’t the one universal ingredient. If you’ve been letting any of these things hold you back, it’s time to let that go in favor of the one thing you absolutely need.


The only universal thing that unites all successful people is that successful people take action on their ideas. They don’t just think about things, or plan things, or complain about things. They take action, and that’s a big difference.

In order to be successful, you need to take action on your ideas. When you write a list of things to do, you need to actually do them. When you don’t know what to do, you need to do something until the right thing makes itself apparent.

It’s through being involved in the work that the breakthroughs happen. Do the work, take action, and the right way will show itself if you pay attention.

Your Blogging Assignment

Why do you think I give you an assignment at the end of every blog post? I want you to take action on what you’re learning. That’s the only way it will matter. Reading without action means nothing, does nothing, is nothing.

These assignments are how I get you to win at blogging. It’s through doing things, taking action, and constantly moving forward that you make breakthroughs, learn more, and set yourself up to win.

If you are not going to apply the knowledge and take action, don’t even bother reading my posts. They won’t help you. However, if you do take action, they can make a huge difference in your life and your blog.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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