The Secret to Writing Whats Exciting

This is The Secret to Writing What’s Exciting. In this post, you’ll learn how to ensure that you always have your choice of what excites you the most to write about.

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Writing What’s Exciting

The-Secret-to-Writing-Whats-ExcitingIt’s so much easier to write when you’re excited about writing, and you’re excited about what you’re going to write about. I know that’s a lot of abouts in one sentence, but I’m excited about what I write about every single time I write about it.

My secret? I’ll tell you everything you need to know coming up in the post. The wonderful part about writing this way is not only do you get to pick out what you want to write, you also get to pick out something exciting.

Having the choice itself is wonderful, then add to the fact that you get to pick something that excites you makes writing an extremely pleasurable activity. No more frustration, no more staring at a blank screen.

This is how you make writing exciting again, and it just takes a little bit of work on the back end in order to make the front end perform very smoothly.

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Write Blog Post Outlines

In order to get more excitement out of your writing, and choose what you want to write, when you want to write it, it all starts with writing post outlines.

The outline is the key that gives you everything you need to write an amazing blog post and takes all of the thinking completely out of the equation when it comes time to write.

If you’ve been on my website before, you know that I write extensively about creating simple blog post outlines that make it easier to write your post later on. If you’re already doing that, great! If not, then definitely read about my outlining process first. You’ll love it.

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Keep Many Outlines Ready to Use

Once you’re good at writing outlines, you be able to crank them out in just a few minutes each. This is huge, because it means you can take a list of keywords and turn them into small outlines that will last you a long time.

You definitely want to spend a lot of time writing outlines, because once you’re in the thinking mode, it becomes really easy to crank them out repetitively. In fact, after you write a few, you will be surprised how fast you finish the next few.

Keep your outlines in a place where they are easy to use, and preferably keep them in the place for you do your writing. If you spend your time writing on your iPad, keep them in there. If you write on your laptop, store them in your laptop.

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Always Write More Outlines Than Posts

Once you know that outlines are the key, now you need to know the trick. The trick is to always write far more outlines than you do posts. This way, you will have a large bank of outlines to sift through when it comes time to write.

Having an outline by itself is a really big advantage because it means you don’t have to think when you write. All the thinking is done, and all you need to do is talk about each one of your sub headings for a little while until your post is finished.

Keeping several outlines gives you the ability to choose, and that’s where you put this blogging trick to work and always end up writing what’s exciting to you. The trick is in picking out the most exciting outline at the very moment you decide to write.

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Always Choose What’s Exciting

When you have to write a post, open up your outlines, and start browsing. Odds are, rather quickly there will be a particular outline that pops out at you. This is the outline that gets you excited, and it’s the perfect outline to write about in this moment.

You just write better when you’re excited about what you’re writing about. When you get to browse through many different outlines and pick a topic that excites you the most in that very moment, you will write better, stronger, and with more passion.

The outline itself does you the first favor by taking the thinking off the table. The second favor is the choice, and that’s where you pick something fun, and you write about it.

Because you’ve done the work on the back side, and you have a lot of outlines to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about finding something that’s exciting. You’ll pretty much always have something in there that makes you smile, and it will make you a better writer.

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Your Blogging Assignment

Your blogging assignment is to really get to know my outlining process, and start creating blog post outlines of your own. Start with some good keywords, create some headlines, and then make outlines for each one.

After you get used to the process, and after maybe a couple days worth of practice here and there, you’ll be able to crank out an outline in just a few minutes. Also, you’ll be able to create and save outlines to add to later as you come up with more ideas.

Make it a point to write around five outlines a day, every single day, for a week. At the end of this time you’ll have 35 functioning outlines, and even if you post every single day, you’ll have lots of great topics to choose from when you start writing.

This means you get to choose the seven most exciting topics at the moment that you choose them, and those are what you’re write about for the week.

Pay attention to the number of outlines you have remaining, and always keep more in the bank than you think you’ll need. Don’t let it get out of hand obviously, but always have enough that you can browse through for something exciting and you’ll always be happy to write.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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