Why You Must Work For Yourself Daily

This is Why You Must Work For Yourself Daily. In this post, you’ll learn why you absolutely must push your dreams and goals forward each and every day in order to be successful. The world isn’t going to wait for you, and your life truly depends on what you do each day. Start acting like it.

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There is Nobody Coming to Save You

Why-You-Must-Work-For-Yourself-DailyIf you are holding out for a tap on the shoulder, or a better life to fall into your lap, sadly it’s probably not going to happen. The odds of you coming into a lot of money or suddenly getting a big break after years of just passing through is extremely low.

Many people waste away their entire life hoping that their ship will come in, but the unfortunate truth is that you are in the ship, and it doesn’t go anywhere unless you make it so.

You need to work on your business every single day, even if it’s just a few minutes. Life isn’t going to randomly reward you. You need to work, and instead of waiting for help, rescue yourself instead.

Your Time is Your Most Valuable Resource

Do you know why you get a paycheck for working at another business? It’s because your owner has plenty of money, but what she doesn’t have is time. So, she purchases your time in order to put it to use for her company.

The most precious resource in the world is time, and we trade it to someone else for money five days a week.

The owner you work for is very smart. They know the value of time, and that’s why they buy it by the hour, sometimes tens of thousands of hours a week depending on the size of the company.

Time is what gets things done, not money.

Your time is worth more than you are being paid for what you do. If it were not, you would not be paid as much, or your position would not exist.

Knowing this should help you understand just how valuable your time really is, and how little you are being paid in exchange for your value by working for someone else.

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The Time Will Pass With or Without You

Five years is going to come and go whether you follow your dreams or not. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeing just what you can do in a longer amount of time.

Right now, you might wish you started years ago. Don’t let a few more years go by and have the same wish. It may take a long time, but that time is coming no matter what you do.

You are dying one day at a time, and each day you let slip by is a wasted opportunity.

Make incremental improvements on your blog and business every day. It can be as simple as editing a post, doing some writing, or trying out a new font. It’s all building towards the goal of building your own security.

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The World Around You is an Indifferent Place

People sometimes think that the world is a tough place. In some respects that’s true, but you should also understand that that world is an indifferent place. Whether you succeed or fail, the world does not care, and it will just keep on spinning no matter what you do.

Also, the universe isn’t working against you. If that’s how you think, the real thing working against you is you. The world and the universe are the playground. What you do there is entirely up to you.

Don’t hold out for the world to line up the perfect shot. That’s not going to happen. Instead, work each day to line up your own opportunities, and you’ll soon start seeing the fruits of your labor.

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Your Family Deserves Everything You Have

If you need to work on your blog every day for someone else, then by all means martyr yourself for the sake of someone you love. We all need different motivators, and if this is you, find someone you love and blog your brains out for them.

Your family, and most importantly your children are looking up to you. One day, your kids are going to ask you what you do for a living. When that time comes, you are going to want to be able to give them an answer that makes them proud of you.

If you are a little uneasy about the answer you would have to give to that question right now, then you owe your family more than you are giving them. You also owe yourself the dignity of being proud of your work in this world.

Lack of pride means you know you can do better but choose not to. Choosing to do better is a choice, just like choosing to remain the same.

Start now, use the tools you have, and as time goes on, you will find the means to get more.

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You Were Not Created to be Average

You were not put on this earth to work and die. You were definitely not made to be weak, lazy, and to not live up to your full abilities. You have everything you need inside of you, and all you need to do is start.

Average is far too crowded anyway, and it’s difficult to stand out. You can do far better aiming high where there is less competition.

One day, you may have to look back and wish you would have done more. If you start your journey now, you might be able to change that future.

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Working for Someone Else Has More Risk

In reality, working for someone else has far more risk involved than working for yourself. While there are challenges to being an entrepreneur, there is also safety in the fact that you are in control of yourself.

Working for someone else, you could end up being fired any day you walk through the door. You do not ultimately control your employment, and you can be laid off even with good performance and an outstanding attitude.

It’s not that all employers are awful, mine is awesome, and easily the best place I have ever had the pleasure of working. However, I know that the likelihood of them parting ways with me is much higher than me parting ways with me.

After all, even though they like me a lot, I still like myself more.

When you have your own business, you are on complete control, and you get to live and die by your decisions. Given the choice, you should always live your own dream rather than play a part in someone else’s, no matter how good a part it may be.

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Your Work Will Have You Replaced in a Week

Another reason to spend time working on your blog and business daily is that no matter what you do, or how important you think you are, you will be replaced inside of a week if you quit your job tomorrow.

Even CEO’s of companies are replaced rapidly when they leave, and everyone from the top down to the bottom can be re-staffed very quickly. There are seven billion people in this world, and there is no shortage of people that want to work.

Don’t feel like you are so important that you are not replaceable. Working for someone else, you are always in a more delicate situation than working for yourself.

That little bit of worry should keep you working for yourself each day when you finish working for your full time job.

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If Not You…Then Who?

Finally, if you aren’t going to do it, then who is? Sure, someone will succeed, but what makes them any more special than you?

The people that succeed are generally not significantly smarter than the average person. They have no super powers, they are not mutants, and even wealthy people fail, so money isn’t the answer either.

Why should someone else get to succeed and you do not? Since they are in no way better than you are, you should work like you belong in the winners circle, and you may just find yourself there one day.

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Your Blogging Assignment

I hope you found at least one idea here to motivate you to start making it a daily part of your life to advance your blog and business. You owe yourself and your family your best, so work like hell and show them.

Pick out at least one good motivator in your life, and make that your driving reason behind getting your blog started. Think about it. Meditate on it. Make it such a big part of your life that you can’t live without going for your goals.

Stick with it for a year. You will be surprised at how amazing you can be with a year to build something.

If you have any questions about the post, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy Writing.



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